SUSPENSA AFLORA ou Para Levantar Um Jardim Do Chão - Camila Rocha


SUSPENSA AFLORA ou Para Levantar um Jardim do Chão

Camila Rocha



A solo exhibition with works specially commissioned by Farol Art and Action Gallery, to bring together the imaginary of the New Species of Plants with trimmed canvas plants; Seeds (drawings) done beside a waterfall  in the middle of the Atlantic Forest using it’s humidity for growing; Gardens of Suspended Seeds (photography) and a wall paper of two mirrored plants reproducing around 15 times each. It also cohabits in this environment the found elements of resting (blue wooden stools) and two domesticated plants in a pot of a clay water filter endemic of Brazil. During the opening it was played continuously “A day in Amazon”, by the musician Naná Vasconcelos XUXAxb in his homage.

This project had the assistance of
Maiza Verastegui and Samuel Dickow.











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